The modern commercial sex industry provides the widest range of entertainment not only for single sex tourists, but even for couples who want to add vivid impressions to their intimate life. But working with couples is considered a non-standard offer for many prostitutes, so it is not possible to find such intimate services freely available in all countries. However (according to Pander) there are no special difficulties for the organization of couples’ leisure – you just need to choose the right resort for the trip.

Holland is the homeland of European quality escorts girls

The country is known throughout the world for its loyal attitude to certain areas of the economy, so it is not surprising that prostitution here is legal and generally available. And the assortment of sex services and attractive putanas can surprise and please every lover. What only worth it are numerous erotic shows, viewing which is able to turn on the visitor from the very first minutes.

If a tourist came to the Netherlands with a soul mate, it does not mean that during the period of searching for intimate adventures he will have to leave the lady of his heart in the hotel. Red Light Districts offer adventures for couples as well – many prostitutes are bisexual and gladly serve couples with non-standard preferences. There are also unusual themed clubs and bars for swingers.

Ukraine – budget prostitutes with extensive skills

Ukrainian priestesses of love are known outside the country for their incredible professionalism and attractive Slavic appearance. And the democratic cost of even elite sex services makes Ukraine a top destination for budget vacations. Therefore, many foreigners prefer to come from far away, instead of paying more expensive for sex services in neighboring countries.

Erotic entertainment for couples is also provided by local individuals without any problems. For example, on the site in the profiles of Kharkov putanas there is a mark “Services for couples”, which will be able to filter only suitable girls. And although this pleasure will cost more, local rates are still democratic and affordable.

Mexico – a country with compliant prostitutes

Mexican erotic segment works legally, so there are legal brothels and brothels in the country, and prostitutes freely meet customers even on crowded streets. Accordingly, the market of intimate services is so diverse and non-standard that sex tourists come to Mexico even from countries with their own legal prostitution. For example, budget beauties that get acquainted in nightclubs and beaches, brighten up the evening for only $20 an hour, and elite VIP prostitutes work in escort agencies, which are in every resort center.

Given the extensive range of the Mexican commercial sex market, it is not difficult to find a putana or a hot macho man who agrees to work with a couple. Such specialists meet in numerous brothels or post actual contacts for communication on specialized Internet sites. For example, on the pages of there are diverse specialists who provide even unconventional entertainment. Their profiles indicate the available sex services, as well as the cost of each item and special skills.

Regardless of whether a tourist gets acquainted with an individual or prefers remote shooting, it is important to discuss their preferences and requirements in advance. Sex services for couples are non-standard offers, so this possibility should be clarified with the prostitute at the stage of discussing the future meeting and the expected cost.

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