Gloryhole stories

There are numerous Gloryhole stories on the website that captivate you till the last word. It is a story of a college girl and a big sexy man in his late forties or early fifties. The man is confident and a womanizer with a deep voice and a great physique. This teaches the blooming girl how to satisfy a man, how to kiss, how to get fucked, and ride a man`s cock like a cowgirl. For the dirty horny old man, the girl puts a feminine perfume, sexy lingerie, and an incredibly sexy short dress. The fabric and the sweet aroma make her more tempting and sexy.

Excitement arise manifolds

She was asked to kneel before the Gloryhole, trying to see the other side of the hole. She hears the heavy footsteps her excitement arises manifolds. She waited. Times seemed immortal, paralyzed in exhilaration and dread. An eye appeared behind the hole to watch the sexy damsel; a deep voice asked her to perform a slow seductive strip dance. She seductively performed a sensuous strip dance exhibiting her young, lithe silken body. The eye vanished after watching the nude simmering body of the babe. She observed the eye disappear, came near the Gloryhole, and gestured with her hand.

Look majestic with power

The cock of the man in his early fifties came into view out of the hole. It was a massive little vein surfacing around the shaft, making it look majestic with power. At first, the shaft was semi-erect but gained strength as she took the meat rod in her soft mouth.

She, with all eagerness, licked it like a lollypop, bobbling up and down as if a girl had found a new toy. The cock was growing in girth and length, engulfing her soft little mouth. The man started pounding the face. The gorgeous babe was face fucked like never before. The sassy damsel begged him for the cum. But he was a man of great control; instead of Cumming, the blowjob continued. After some more blowjobs, the massive shaft squirted a load of sticky hot semen. Waves after wave went down her throat, quenching her thirst. The liquid drooled down her chin, neck, and lovely taut, supple breasts.

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